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In the delivery room


mother: is it a boy or a girl?

doctor: *puts baby between teeth* it’s a metaphor

the video wasn’t even that bad chill

Anonymous said:
stop hating on the video and ben winston! Im sure you wouldnt be able to do any better. I loved the video and I dont care if zayn didnt get a close up cause he is the least favourite anyway so it wouldnt make sense to give him a close up


okay listen here you butt hurt little shit. if you gave me a camera and a good amount of money (which im sure would have been available for this video) and told me to make a video for you and i, i guarantee you that i could make a better video. it was confusing and, dare i say, boring, and the only good thing about it was that zayn was in it, because lets be completely honest here, zayn is the only one who looked on point and exceeded standards in this video. the fact that you think that having a close up of him during the high note is irrelevant just makes your opinion on that irrelevant. that high note is the best part in the whole song and im sure that after that video, zayn will go from the “least” (as you put it) to the god damn fucking best (even though he already is). that high note belongs to him, and hes the only one who can hit that note in the band so dont tell me that its irrelevant for him to have a close up because he is the god damn fucking star of this band and they wouldnt be half as big without him. ben winston is a fucking idiot for chosing to have a “cool effect” instead of a close up and I actually liked his videos up until the video of you & i was released.




This waterlily plant was frozen under ice in the garden pond for two months last winter. It’s taken all summer to produce this single bloom - but it was worth waiting for….

"I figured it out.. Saw the mistakes of up and down, meet in the middle. There's always room for common ground."

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ive tried playing it cool

but when im looking at u



alternate version where zayn is singing his high note descending from the heavens blessing the earth with his sweet sweet falsetto and then morphing into an angel and flying away with niall